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Why Would Anyone Even Consider Drawing A Lamborghini Supermini?

As controversial as it may have been for a supercar maker such as Lamborghini to step out of their comfort zone and build an SUV, it pales next to a Lambo-badged sub-compact hatch.

Created by Kleber Silva just for kicks, the rendering appears to have been based on the latest-gen Volkswagen Polo, which adopted the front end and the rear-door design from the new Urus.

It's safe to say that Lamborghini won't pull an Aston Martin Cygnet, but it does make us wonder what they do have in store now that the Urus is finally out.

There have been reports that the shelved Asterion hybrid supercar could be next, whereas others believe that the Estoque concept could be resurrected and put into production using the Porsche Panamera as a starting point.

Whatever Lamborghini's plans may be, they definitely don't include badge-engineering a supermini; and the world is a better place for that, as we could barely stomach the Cygnet, which, predictably, was a huge failure and did a disservice to Aston's history and badge.




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