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Bugatti Would Be The Last VW Division To Make An SUV

By this point, every brand under the Volkswagen Group umbrella is making SUVs: VW, Skoda, Seat, Audi... even Bentley and Lamborghini. All but one: Bugatti.

That hasn't stopped the dreamers from dreaming, and this latest fantasy comes from the desk of Nikita Aksyonov, whose work has appeared on these pages many times before.

The renderings apply Bugatti design traits to a traditional crossover shape. (We'd be hard-pressed to ascertain just which crossover served as the basis for this design, but the greenhouse looks like it could be a Lincoln's.)

Back here on terra firma, the reality is that Bugatti won't make a crossover or SUV of any kind, no matter how many of its sister brands (or competitors) do. And even if it did, it'd likely look even less like a traditional crossover than the Urus does.

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