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Mercedes Boss Says He Wants More Competition In F1

Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche has admitted that he wants to see greater competition in Formula One.

Speaking during the Detroit Auto Show to Autocar, Zetsche said that the sport’s solution to improve competition shouldn’t involve penalizing Mercedes, but instead aiding other manufacturers in achieving greater on-track performance.

“To be clear, we want to be successful and we want the platform to be successful and when one is dominant that doesn’t help. We need stronger competitors and rule changes which give new cars to everybody and,to some extent, this last season was that change,” Zetsche said.

It isn’t just on the circuit where Zetsche believes Formula One could be improved; he also believes there are innovative ways to engage fans that need to be leveraged.

“I think it is a pretty good show but there’s potential. I think on the digital side point of side much more can be leveraged. There should be opportunities to engage fans, for example, you could sit in your living room and try out for a team on your screen, and try to beat the other teams virtually,” he said.


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