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Was The Hummer H3 Actually A Decent 4x4 Unjustly Killed By GM?

Back in 2005, when GM first started producing the Hummer H3, it was pretty much the only military-inspired off-roader you could buy on a family SUV budget.

Regardless of what you think about the H3, the fact remains that sales weren't bad at all during its first three years on the market. Then the economy crashed in 2008, and the brand eventually died.

Looking back on it now, almost a decade later, should we actually feel bad for the brand, or the H3 in particular? Tyler Hoover definitely thinks so, pointing out that, in a vacuum, the Hummer H3 is by no means a bad product.

Like many large GM vehicles back in the day, the H3 was capable both on- and off-road, and while straight line performance was nothing to write home about, the H3 wasn't any worse than the Wrangler. Moreover, inside, even though visibility is an issue, you do feel as if you're driving something different thanks to the low roofline.

In the end, it's interesting to think about what could have been had GM not pulled the plug on Hummer in 2010.


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