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Lamborghini Concepto X Study Takes Us Back To The Future

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The Y-shaped LED lights, both front and rear, are instantly recognizable as Lamborghini features. Even the brand new Urus has them, although they’re not as massive as these strips.

What these elements remind us of, is the Terzo Millennio Concept, as do all of these drawings by designer, Milen Ivanov.

The styling is a little more streamlined, with less obvious aero features and a seemingly more sloped canopy covering what we can only assume would be a very futuristic cockpit.

Since we’re making assumptions, those look like cameras on the flared fenders out front, while underneath that mid-21st century exterior probably lies an all-electric power train. Such a car would also probably have several self-driving features, although it’s still too early to think about fully-autonomous Lamborghinis.
Meet the Lamborghini Concepto X, an imaginary Italian exotic whose styling is based on what we already know about cars, and also on what we assume the future might bring us.


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