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Pininfarina HK GT: There’s Something Very Mercedes-AMG GT About It…

Concepts, Fuel Cell, Geneva Motor Show, Hybrids, Hydrogen, Pininfarina
#Pininfarina’s latest show car, and the fourth of its kind designed for Hybrid Kinetic Group, has touched down in Geneva, for its world premiere.

It’s called HK GT, sports a very elegant styling, with a long, sculpted bonnet, a slightly curved line that flows to the rear, and chromed slats, in the grille, said to “open like petals to frame the high-tech headlights”.

The new Pininfarina HK GT Concept may remind us of the Mercedes-AMG GT family, but unlike the German sports car (not counting in the new AMG GT4), it has seating for four.

Ingress and egress are facilitated by the gullwing doors, and once inside, you will notice a very clean and flowing layout. There’s a gigantic screen that slides out of the dashboard, serving as the infotainment system, another one on the tunnel that allows passengers to access different functions, and a digital screen behind the steering wheel.

Four permanent magnet motors, with two-speed transmission, and a microturbine range extender / fuel-cell range extender, power the gorgeous show car, backed up by a 38kWh battery pack. The maximum output is 800kW, or 1,087PS (1,072hp) in old money, and this translates into a 0-100km/h (0-62mph) acceleration that takes only 2.7sec. Yes, that’s 0.2sec faster than a Lamborghini Huracan Performante! Top speed is 350km/h (202mph), which is also quicker than the Italian supercar.

The 4,980mm (196.1in) long, 2,000mm (78.7in) wide, and 1,365mm (53.7in) tall study, with a 2,975mm (117.1in) wheelbase, can travel for “over” 160km (62miles) on electricity alone, according to Pininfarina. However, with the range extender, the HK GT will stop for fuel after 1,000km (621miles).
Concepts, Fuel Cell, Geneva Motor Show, Hybrids, Hydrogen, Pininfarina



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