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SsangYong’s e-SIV Concept Is Electric, Communicative And Autonomous

Concepts, Geneva Motor Show, SsangYong, SsangYong Concepts
With #SsangYong specializing in building crossovers, it was only a matter of time before they showed us their latest idea of what a futuristic people hauler should look like, outside and in.

This concept‘s name is the e-SIV, which stands for Electronic Smart Interface Vehicle, and by the looks of it, it seems to tick all necessary boxes with regards to powertrain technology, connectivity and active safety systems.

The e-SIV’s shape and size will also dictate what SsangYong’s next generation C-segment SUV will look like, blending a sloping roofline with the ruggedness of a proper utility vehicle, yet one that’s also aerodynamically efficient.

Inside, there is a user-centric interface, four independent bucket seats, a full length information display and a second-row center console that allows passengers in the rear access to main console information. Visually though, the cabin is all about having a bright and modern ambiance, utilizing a Geonic pattern on the soft materials, to go with the ambient lighting around the instrument panel and door trims.

When it comes to technology, the e-SIV has a lot of features going for it, such as its machine learning-based voice recognition tech, autonomous navigation and radar and camera sensors – at its best, this concept boasts Level 3 autonomous capabilities, once you add another sensor to increase the automatic lane and active driving functions.

The connected car function in the e-SIV can not only monitor the SUV’s battery remotely during charging, but will also predict the driving range based on the amount of charge. Then there is the telematics service, which allows for several functions to be controlled remotely – such as turning the power on and off, working the air con, car diagnostics and vehicle management, emergency driving and even driver safety support.

As for the infotainment service, this is where machine learning speech recognition comes into play, working to manage music, radio and inter-connected home control.

The SsangYong e-SIV concept measures 4,460 mm (14.6 ft) in length, 1,870 mm (6.13 ft) in width, 1,630 mm (5.34 ft) in height and has a wheelbase of 2,675 mm (8.77 ft). Thanks to its 140kW (187 HP) motor and 61.5 kWh battery, it can cruise for anywhere between 320 and 450 km (200-280 miles) between charges, at speeds of up to 150 km/h (93 mph).
Concepts, Geneva Motor Show, SsangYong, SsangYong Concepts



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