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Now in its 7th generation, the BMW 5-Series has reached a point where you don't need to make so many compromises anymore if you decide to purchase one, though we'll leave a question mark on whether it really justifies the brand's "ultimate driving machine" motto. 

Even the entry-level 530i, tested here by Kelley Blue Book's Zach Vlasuk, is perfectly acceptable from all points of view, although if you move up in the range, or choose to lose yourself in the options list, you'll find that the new 5-Series can be both fast as well as economical, while offering a wide range of technological delights.

Is it the best car in it class though? That's still debatable with Mercedes having a real winner on their hands too with the E-Class.

Vlasuk still urges us to consider the Audi A6, Volvo S90 and Lexus GS, along with the E-Class while looking at the 5-Series. In fact, aside from the Mercedes, all those other models are less expensive to purchase than the BMW.

Then again, if you're already a fan of the 5-Series, you can rest assured that the new model is comfortable, practical, as safe as any other saloon on the road, full of technology and a delight to maneuver around town thanks to its rear wheel steering system.

Could it be a little more engaging to drive? Perhaps. But then so could just about any other saloon weighing this much.


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