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Polestar 1 Shooting Brake Render Marries Performance And Practicality

Driving around in a 600 horsepower hybrid should be plenty rewarding, though thankfully Polestar thought about fuel consumption as well, giving the '1' a 93-mile (150 km) all-electric range.

In other words, we want to acknowledge that having your cake and eating it too is pretty rare in the automotive industry, though lately companies such as Tesla have managed to achieve the trifecta of goals, offering buyers performance, range and practicality.

This is where a Shooting Brake, or Estate version of the Polestar 1 would come into play. If you really want to tick all the boxes, this might be the way to go.

It obviously mirrors Volvo's Concept Estate from 2014, a sporty three-door featuring a full-length roof and a hatch-like rear end. That car was inspired by the Volvo 1800 ES, the shooting brake version of the P1800 Coupe.

Put all that together and add a touch of photo manipulation courtesy of X-Tomi Design, and we can better understand what a potential production version of the Polestar 1 would look like in Estate/Shooting Brake form. Unlike the Concept Estate, it features more practical mirrors and the door handles from the Polestar 1.

It also doesn't look quite as sleek as the Concept Estate, but that's because it's meant to represent a road-going car, and not something that only comes out during motor shows.



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