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Lotus CEO Says Its New Generation Of Sports Cars Will Be Very Different From Today's Models

Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales has revealed the company will present a new 10-year plan in 2018.

Speaking with Top Gear, Gales said the plan will include some pretty drastic changes including embracing electrification. The executive went on to say company needs to "adapt to changing homologation laws" and stated the "sports cars we show in the next three years will be different to the ones we’re building now.”

The company's plan will reportedly kick off in 2020 when Lotus unveils an all-new vehicle. Little is known about the car but Gales confirmed they will be looking into Geely's parts bin to see if there are any suitable components they can use on their vehicles.

Despite the push for new models, the executive said the company will continue building the Elise and Exige for as "long as we’re allowed to make them." However, he doesn't intend to do this indefinitely as Gales told the publication "we do not want to become a Caterham and build the same car for 30 years."

One the biggest changes will be the introduction of the company's first crossover. Gales wasn't ready to talk specifics but confirmed the model will be lower, wider, and lighter than anything else on the market.

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