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Seat Leon Cristobal Concept Is The Safest Car In The Company's History

SEAT has unveiled the Leon Cristobal concept at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona, Spain.

Named after the patron saint of drivers, the Leon Cristobal concept is being billed as the safest car in the company's history as it features six different systems that have been designed to reduce the risks of being involved in a collision. The systems are probably not what you would expect but they target the main causes of accidents such as drowsiness, distractions, speeding, and alcohol consumption.

In order to tackle these problems, which cause 80% of all traffic accidents, the concept features a built-in breathalyzer that will prevent the car from being used if alcohol is detected on the driver's breath. Another unique feature is the so-called "drive-coach" which is a voice assistant that provides personalized safety warnings.

Designers also installed a video camera-based display mirror that eliminates blind spots and provides a better field of vision. There's also a Mentor mode that allows parents to limit the vehicle’s speed and monitor its location when their children are driving . Another interesting mode is the Guardian Angel setting which activates all 15 of the car's active and passive safety systems.

Should something go wrong, the concept's black box will send images and data to a smartphone following a collision.

Besides showcasing the Leon Cristobal concept, the company showed 10 eMii prototypes which will soon become available to employees of Metropolis:Lab Barcelona and Pier 01 as part of a car-sharing project. The Smart City Expo also held the Autonomous Driving Challenge grand finale which tasked 50 students from nine universities to develop autonomous driving software that could drive a scale model vehicles through a closed course.

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