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Smart Car To Be Phased Out From Car2Go Fleets

Car2Go has confirmed that it will slowly start to phase out the Smart ForTwo models currently in its North American fleet.

The company has been planning the move for many months now and it comes shortly after Daimler revealed that the ForTwo will soon only be sold in all-electric guise in the U.S.

Instead of adopting the new electric Smart with its 60-mile range, Car2Go will overhaul its fleet with Mercedes-Benz CLA and GLA models. Fortunately for those Car2Go users that like using Smart cars, the latest-generation models will remain in service for a while. The older Smart ForTwo vehicles will be replaced first.

Speaking to Jalopnik, a Car2Go spokesman said the service remains open to using new Smart models in the future.

“We’d love to continue to offer a Smart or similar size vehicle again if and when that becomes an option once more.

“And again, we’ve got a lot of new-gen Fortwos in NYC, DC, Montreal, Toronto, Columbus and Vancouver that will be in service for quite a while. While no other car is as nimble at fitting into tiny city street parking spaces as the Smart, both the CLA and GLA are compact cars. GLA is about a foot shorter than a CLA,” the spokesman said.




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