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Watch How Robots Build The Tesla Model 3

Ever wondered what Tesla’s highly-automated production line looks like in real life? Wonder no more, as a video reveals just that.

This clip, filmed at the brand’s Fremont factory, showcases many of the advanced robots Tesla has employed to make the Model 3 a reality. Although things are behind schedule, the factory itself is very impressive.

Among the most intriguing parts of the Model 3’s production is that robots handle almost everything, including the installation of the seats and dashboard, components which are generally installed by humans with the help of robotic arms. When installing the dash, we can also see how it fits in place as a single unit that includes the large central touchscreen.

Sadly, for the 500,000-odd customers to have placed deposits on the Model 3, all this fancy production equipment means nothing until their vehicles are delivered. Elon Musk recently confirmed that volume production of the Model 3 won’t commence until late in the first quarter of 2018, approximately three months later than initially promised.




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