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Bugatti Chiron Hits 200MPH Faster Than You Can Say "Koenigsegg"

Just by looking at its extraordinary output of 1,500PS, one would expect the Bugatti Chiron to be an absolute beast, a gigantic hypercar that's a handful to drive.

However, that's not the case, as the Veyron's successor is as elegant and easy to drive as a luxury cruiser until you push the right pedal all the way down; and even then, it's more refined than all of its direct rivals combined.

Last year, we saw the Chiron in the hands of various reviewers, but as the Molsheim-based company has started shipping them to various parts of the world, more people have the chance to sit behind the wheel.

Middle Eastern publication ArabGT are among those that got to drive the Chiron, but it's not the chit-chat part that we're interested in, as that's all in, well… Arabic, but the sheer force it deploys under heavy acceleration.

The camera right in front of the speedometer reveals just how quick the Bugatti is, if you ever needed confirmation, and how fast the needle gets to 325km/h (202mph), in sixth gear - and there's one more left. Bugatti is playing its hand very close to its chest, but we reckon that, at some point, it will attempt to beat the 458km/h (285mph) world record for production cars that was achieved by the Koenigsegg Agera RS a couple of months ago.




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