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See this here Bugatti? It was the very first Chiron delivered in the United States. And it's come up for sale for the second time in as many months.

Dubbed “Chiron Number One,” this black and red hypercar went up for auction just last month in New York, where it sold for an impressive (if befitting) $3.77 million – pretty much smack in the middle of its $3.5-4 million valuation.

Now it's listed for sale on James Edition by Fort Lauderdale Collection South in Florida, which is selling it for an undisclosed price. But we wouldn't expect the new owner to let it go for less than what he (or she) paid for it.

The sixteen-cylinder exotic is now listed with 291 miles on the odometer, indicating that its second owner drove enjoyed putting 41 miles on it since winning the auction, where it was listed with 250 test miles.

The current owner probably also took advantage of the included factory visit, but presumably still comes with all the accoutrements – including the 1:8-scale Amalgam model and all the keys in their accompanying leather and aluminum cases.

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