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VW Boss Admits Polo GTI Could Gain Higher-Performance Version

The idea of a Volkswagen Polo R isn’t exactly new, but it appears to be finally materializing.

Citing the brand's chassis development chief, Karsten Schebsdat, Autocar says that a more performance-optimized version of the 200-horsepower Polo GTI could happen, without specifically referring to the 'R' badge, though.

"The car is so stable even in high-speed corners that there is definitely much more capacity [for a more focused version]", Schebsdat said, adding that the "chassis can give more".

Schebsdat's affirmation appears to be on par with a previous report claiming that the German brand has several Polo R prototypes out, built for evaluation purposes. If this is indeed the car hinted by the VW official, then expect a version of the 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine of the Golf R to be resting under the hood.

However, as such a model of the Volkswagen Polo would outrun both the Golf GTI and Golf R, it's likely that the powertrain will be detuned. However, instead of the current Polo GTI's FWD layout, the 'R' supermini might also benefit from the four-wheel drive system of its larger sibling.

Nothing else is known about a Volkswagen Polo R so far, but if it materializes, then it's not completely excluded for Seat to offer similar variants of the Ibiza with the Cupra moniker.

Note: New Volkswagen Polo GTI pictured




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