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All-New Audi A7 Rear Lights Look Like Something Off A Chiron

We're less than two hours away from Audi unveiling the second-generation A7 Sportback and we've already caught a glimpse of the new model's rear end design.

Like this prototype from last month suggested, the lights at the rear of the all-new A7 aren't represented by just a lone light strip. While the strip does follow the rear end's contours and is otherwise straight, there are other graphics as well, above and underneath.

From certain angles, these graphics do remind us of the Chiron, though overall it seems we're looking at an upside down setup of the all-new A8's rear lights.

On the A8, the more complex visuals occur right underneath the main strip, whereas on the A7 it's exactly the other way around - which is an interesting way to separate two models that may already look a lot alike when it comes to design language.

As for the car's overall appearance when viewed from the rear, it simply looks sleek, if not simple, though not in a bad way. Gone is the old model's droopy expression, leaving more room for the rear bumper to extend towards the taillights. You could argue that it looks less aggressive, but we'll hold off any judgment until Audi shines some of that official lighting on the car.




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