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Suzuki E-Survivor Concept Looks Like A Jeep-Inspired Mars Rover

In between developing of an entirely new Jimny and upgrading some models, Suzuki took their time to create a fresh study called e-Survivor.

Displayed in front of the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show audience, the e-Survivor is an open-top two-seater off-roader that looks basically like a Mars rover inspired by Jeep, but that's a completely different story.

What we should focus upon instead is its very generous ground clearance and chunky off-road rubber that give it a go-anywhere flair; and the thing is that this small Suzuki study might just do that - go anywhere, as it's built on a ladder frame.

Moreover, as its name suggests, the e-Survivor is a zero-emission vehicle, set in motion by four electric motors, one integrated in each wheel, which creates an all-wheel drive system.

The Japanese automaker decided to keep specs close to its chest, claiming that it could target the segment up to 100 years into the future.

With this bold statement, one might assume that the Suzuki e-Survivor benefits from full autonomy. However, taking a closer look at its interior reveals a steering wheel, pedals, and gear shifter, which as futuristic as they may appear, they're very much present.

Could this suggest that Suzuki doesn’t believe that autonomous technology is required on challenging terrains?




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