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Who's At Fault Here For Flipping Over Mitsubishi Lancer Evo?

While cars don't usually go belly-up after low speed impacts, we've seen multiple other cases where vehicles got flipped either on their roofs or their sides, due to a perfect storm of unfortunate events.

This particular incident saw two drivers making a series of mistakes that never should have occurred in the first place. For starters, the person behind the wheel of that EVO IX shouldn't have been driving so aggressively, cutting across lanes like that.

Yet, it's the driver of the red Volvo that is seemingly caught off-guard by the vehicle in front slowing down, with the avoidance maneuver leading directly to the impact with the Mitsubishi.

The Japanese car obviously took the brunt of that hit. Getting pinned between the S40 and the curb is what led to it flipping over on its side.

The Volvo also came close to losing its balance, although in the end it landed safely on all four wheels. This type of accident really highlights the need for semi-autonomous safety systems, or at least Lane Departure Warning tech.




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