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Audi CEO Says Company Is Ready To Move On From Diesel Scandal

Audi is planning on shutting down the very same task force they set up in order to find out how many of their vehicles featured defeat devices amid VW's diesel scandal.

According to company CEO, Rupert Stadler, Audi is on the home stretch as most of its diesel engines have been fixed, reports Autonews.

The automaker has retrofitted up to 850,000 TDI engines in Europe as well as a few other countries on other continents. "We are at an estimated 80 percent," said Stadler. "We are gradually emerging from the crisis mode and are moving back into regular operation."

By 2025, Audi plans on having over 20 partly or fully-electrified vehicles in its lineup, with EV sales accounting for a third of their total deliveries. Stadler added that more than 10 of those over 20 models will be purely electric.

The first new-generation EV from Ingostadt will be the e-tron SUV, scheduled to be unveiled at the Audi Summit in Brussels, in August 2018. Meanwhile, with Audi and Porsche cooperating on electric mobility, we could see a pure electric Audi Q5 and a new-gen Porsche Macan break cover in 2021.

Also, with CO2 regulations tightening in Europe in 2020, Audi can't afford to miss any of its targets, because doing so by just 11 grams of CO2/km, would cost the automaker a billion euros each year. "Non-fulfillment is not an option," concluded Stadler.




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