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Chevy's SSR Was The Roadster Pickup Truck Nobody Asked For

Go back to the early 2000s and you'll probably see that GM wasn't taking that many chances on unconventional body styles, until the SSR came along.

The SSR featured a retro design, inspired by Chevrolet's Advance Design series of trucks from the late 40s and early 50s. Aside from the quirky styling, it also came with a retractable hardtop, making it a rather unique offering.

Inside, while the materials used were far from premium, the SSR was pretty well equipped, even boasting heated leather seats, though good luck trying to turn them on with the doors closed.

Over the course of his review with the Chevrolet SSR, Doug DeMuro found a large number of quirks, which include the odd placement of the heated seats buttons, but also the placement of the traction control button, the removable cup holder, and plenty more.

On the road, the SSR proved surprisingly decent to drive, with a smooth transmission (for such an old GM product that is), and a relatively punchy engine - though DeMuro wouldn't go as far as to call it quick.

In the end, this is the type of car you either love or hate, and since it wasn't exactly a sales success story, we can safely assume that most people wouldn't see themselves driving one of these things on a daily basis.