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Tesla Wins Court Battle In Missouri, Can Continue To Sell Cars Directly To Consumers

Tesla makes some of the most popular electric vehicles but the company's products aren't available everywhere as a number of states prohibit their sales as a result of their direct-to-consumer sales approach.

The company has been fighting several states over these laws and the automaker recently scored a win in Missouri after an appeals court reversed a lower court decision that put Tesla sales in jeopardy.

According to the Associated Press, the legal battle started in 2015 when the Missouri Automobile Association sued the Missouri Department of Revenue for granting Tesla a license to sell vehicles directly to consumers through their own dealerships. The Missouri Automobile Association won the initial case as Cole County Judge Daniel Green decided the Department of Revenue should not renew Tesla's dealership license because the company didn't franchisee its dealerships.

The Missouri Court of Appeals apparently side-stepped the issue altogether and found the Missouri Automobile Association didn't have the standing to sue the Department of Revenue in the first place. As a result, the lower court's ruling was overturned and Tesla can continue to sell its vehicles in the state.

In a statement, Tesla said "The decision is a victory for Missouri consumers who want the choice to learn about and purchase their Tesla in their home state." The company added, "We have been serving customers in Missouri for almost five years and have contributed to the state economy and jobs for Missourians — something that will now continue."

Despite the setback, the Missouri Automobile Association will continue its battle as the organization stated it will "continue to explore the legal avenues available" to challenge Tesla and the Department of Revenue.

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