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While this Ferrari S2 Concept exists only in the digital realm, its aggressive lines, massive wheels and muscular fenders sure make us wish it was real.

Brought to "life" on-screen by designer Sachin Zakarde, all we know about it is that it's called the S2, and that it has a lot of carbon fiber components, including the wheels, side skirts and roof.

It also seems to come with a sort of Formula One-ish suspended nose and half a rear win. We're not exactly sure what's going on there but it doesn't really detract anything from the concept's overall aggressiveness.

What's weird, in a way, is that not too long ago such a design might have been considered too futuristic. In reality, you can argue that this S2 Concept is by no means more bonkers-looking (in a good way) than the LaFerrari.

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