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Watch A Rotary Engine Catastrophically Explode In Australia

When things go right, a Mazda rotary engine can deliver exceptional power, response, and intoxicating sounds. When things go wrong, a rotary engine can explode in a truly frightening way.

A couple of days ago during a loud exhaust competition at Rotary Revival 6 in Sydney, Australia, a Mazda owner thought he’d wow the crowds with his incredible rotary engine, reportedly revving all the way to 10,000 rpm. Sadly, the engine went boom.

We’ve seen engines blow up in the past and for the most part, they’re not as eventful as one may think. However, this rotary was spinning so fast that when it decided to let go, it did so catastrophically.

The videos below show parts of the engine strewn across the ground, likely alongside all the owner’s hopes, dreams, aspirations, and money.




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