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Sorry Europe, You Won't Be Getting The 2019 VW Jetta

Don't look for the seventh generation Volkswagen Jetta in Europe, because the German automaker has no plans of offering the compact sedan across the pond.

Volkswagen confirmed the news without giving any details as to why they are keeping it out of Europe. "The new Jetta was systematically designed to meet the needs of customers in overseas markets; there are no plans for a European version", the company said.

Their decision is likely related to several factors, including falling sedan sales and the presence of the European Passat, as the new Jetta, with its enlarged footprint comes very close to its bigger sibling.

The 2019 Volkswagen Jetta is 4,702mm (185in) long, 1,799mm (71in) wide, and 1,459mm (57in) tall. Doing some simple math reveals that it's only 65mm (2.6in) shorter, 33mm (1.3in) narrower, and 3mm (0.12in) taller than the European four-door Passat. The wheelbase length of the two cars is fairly close as well: 2,686mm (106in) for the Jetta, and 2,791mm (110in) for the Passat.

Ironically, the rising popularity of SUVs with European consumers presumably played a role in VW's decision. 

And while Volkswagen won't sell the compact car in Europe, they will offer it in China, under a different name - Sagitar, later this year. Mexico is the first market to get the new Jetta, in the first quarter of 2018, and a few months later, it will go on sale in the United States.




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