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Approximately one-third of 2017 model year vehicles sold in the United States don’t come with spare tires, the American Automobile Association (AAA) has discovered.

Many car manufacturers have opted to ditch spare tires in attempts to save weight, improve fuel economy and create larger trunk spaces. However, not having a spare can be an inconvenience if a driver ever encounters a flat tire or any other kind of tire-related problem.

AAA says 28 per cent of 2017 vehicles don’t have a spare as standard equipment. Instead, many cars come with tire inflation kits and tire pressure monitoring systems in a bid to avoid the hassle of changing a tire.

According to AAA managing director of Automotive Engineering and Repair, John Nielsen, “Having a flat tire can be a nuisance for drivers, but not having a spare could put them in an even more aggravating situation. This can turn the relatively routine process of changing a tire at the roadside into an inconvenient and costly situation that requires a tow to a repair facility.”


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