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Aside from unveiling multiple cars, including the new e-Evolution Concept in Tokyo, Mitsubishi will also present a new brand strategy and its future plans as it tries to reinvent itself under the umbrella of the Renault-Nissan alliance.

The automaker's next chapter will be focused on the brand's inner essence, specifically its pedigree, its stance on technology and design, its approach to global business and its connection with customers, aka its "drivers".

Mitsubishi will hold an official press conference at the Tokyo Motor Show on October 25th, the same venue where they will introduce both the e-Evolution Concept as well as the high-tech EMIRAI 4.

The e-Evolution is meant to preview a "high-performance all-electric crossover", powered by three motors, with one positioned on the front axle and the other two at the rear. It also features electronically-controlled torque vectoring, which should benefit handling.

Other impressive technologies include the concept's AI brain that can rear changes in road and traffic conditions while also interpreting the driver's intent.

As for the EMIRAI 4, it represents a high-tech futuristic roadster, boasting driver assistance features and a heads-up display with augmented reality technology, among others.


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