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Lynk & Co Is Expanding, And Here's What Its Compact Hatch Might Look Like

After announcing their plans to launch two new models each year until 2020, it's quite possible that Geely-owned Lynk & Co could build something that resembles this image.

So far, we know about their 01 SUV, the smaller 02 crossover, 03 sedan, plus rumors of a large SUV, an executive car and a small car for young buyers - which may or may not be a 5-door hatchback.

Since we don't exactly know what the Chinese automaker means by "small car", it could be anything from a city car to a supermini, or even a Golf rival.

If this vehicle will turn out to look a little something like what designer Kleber Silva drew up and posted to Behance recently, all we can say is that we won't be the least surprised. His design borrows heavily from the 03 Sedan, utilizing its front fascia and taillights, yet featuring a different roof line and profile design that looks more sporty.

Now, it may not necessarily be pretty, but after receiving 6,000 orders for their 01 SUV in 137 seconds last week, you could say that Lynk & Co's automotive design language is not exactly rubbing people the wrong way.




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