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Matching 918 Spyder & 911 R Put A Porschephile's Dream On The Auction Block

Of all the lust-worthy performance machines Porsche has made in the past decade, few have solicited the kind of enthusiasm as the 918 Spyder and 911 R.

For its upcoming auction in Scottsdale, Bonhams not only has one of each on the docket, but a matching pair that would be sure to make any Porschephile very, very happy indeed.

These models should need no introduction to regular readers of sites like this one: the 918 Spyder having emerged as the first in a new generation of hybrid hypercars, the 911 R a highly sought-after version of the purist's Porsche.

Having already received his 918 Spyder (with the optional Weissach wheels and front lift system), Porsche offered the owner the opportunity to buy a 911 R after it was revealed the following year. He evidently jumped at the chance, special-ordering his in an inverse acid green and black color combination, with the serial number 290 to match the Spyder's.

By now the 918 has been driven 2,300 miles, but the 911 R just 37, leaving it in highly original condition.

"This is an incredible and historic opportunity in every way," says Bonhams' Michael Camaino. "First, a 918 Spyder and 911 R in such desirable specification are tremendously newsworthy on their own, but offered in nearly brand-new condition with matching serial numbers? It's never been done and represents an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a collector."

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