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Should You Supercharge Your Audi R8?

If you find yourself having to "settle" for the non-Plus version of the current-generation Audi R8, adding VF Engineering's VF800 bolt-on supercharger kit could make you feel a lot better.

As the system's nomenclature suggests, you get a total of 800 crank HP on 91 octane fuel, making the car's 540 stock horses a thing of the past. You also get 610 lb-ft (827 Nm) of torque.

As Matt Farah explains, these VF kits are designed to work on stock vehicles and unless you really put your foot down, you'll hardly ever notice you're driving a car with way more power than its manufacturer initially intended for it to have.

To put it plainly, this R8 is really, really fast. Its Eaton TVS2300 3-lobe roots supercharger provides what the tuner calls "lag-free instant punch" from as little as 2,300 rpm. This upgrade is also reversible, and costs $29,995, on top of the car, of course.

After blasting his way through the canyons behind the wheel of this tuned Audi R8, Farah went on to call the car "incredibly fast", yet "civil and refined."




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