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VW Rumored Again To Be Preparing A U.S. Amarok Launch After Filing Trademark

The United States has always been the home of full-size pickups but high demand hasn’t always existed in the mid-size pickup market.

In fact, demand for such vehicles traditionally comes from the likes of South America, South Africa, and Australia. However, with the latest Chevrolet Colorado, upcoming all-new Ford Ranger, and a Jeep Wrangler pickup, American buyers will soon have ample choice of mid-size pickups. According to Motorlix, a rather unexpected player may also enter the market.

It is reported that Volkswagen recently filed an application to register the name Amarok with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, perhaps signaling its intent on bringing the popular vehicle stateside.

Importantly, this isn’t the first time VW has moved to trademark the Amarok name in the United States so this latest move is far from confirmation about the pickup launching here.

If Volkswagen does pull the trigger and begin selling the Amarok to the U.S., it won’t be an easy sell as a German, premium pickup is completely foreign to most shoppers who traditionally have unbreakable loyalty to the established U.S. pickup players.




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