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Pulling the engine out of an E39 5-Series for the sake of an LS2 V8 will definitely make some purists cringe but for the rest of us, this sweet wagon sounds like the next best thing to an E39 M5 if done properly.

It’s a 2002 540i Touring which had an LS2 V8 installed, along with a T56 six-speed manual transmission, in JE Import Performance of Baltimore using a kit developed by Sikky Manufacturing. The whole process also involved modifying the suspension, steering, brakes and interior among other. The powertrain was sourced from a Pontiac GTO.

The front subframe was swapped with a 528i item that features a rack-and-pinion steering rack instead of the original recirculating ball system, allowing according to the seller to install the engine as far back and as low as possible.

The car is finished in Titanium Silver over black leather interior and features a front bumper from the E39 M5, complete with M5 brackets, ducts, and fender liners, and an M-Tech-style rear bumper. The BBS Super RS wheels measure 19 inches in diameter and 9 inches wide at the front and 10 inches at the rear.

The interior comes with a pair of matching black front buckets from an E39 M5 and a Raceseng shift knob with the rest of the cabin remaining stock.

It’s not a garage queen but it appears to be a correctly done LS2 swap in the much loved E39 Touring body and that is all we need. The car is currently auctioned over at Bring A Trailer, with the winning bid at the moment of writing being $14k.


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