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Unsurprisingly None Of The U.S.' Best-Selling Vehicles Of 2017 Were Cars

Last year marked the end of a seven-year sales streak for the automotive industry, as sales dropped for the first time since 2010 and revealed another major trend that will scare enthusiasts – consumers are serious about choosing crossovers and SUVs over everything else.

USA Today gathered the top five best-selling new vehicles from 2017 and none of them were cars.

The Ford F-150 topped the list with the automaker selling a total of 896,764 units. That number is up 9.3 percent from last year and helped the pickup truck retain its nameplate of being the best-selling vehicle in the United States.

The Toyota RAV4 came in second place with Toyota managing to shift a total of 407,594 units of the crossover last year. Toyota managed to sell more units of the RAV4 than the Camry sedan, which was the second-best-selling sedan of 2017.

The Nissan Rogue trailed behind the RAV4 in third place. Nissan sold a total of 403,465 units of the Rogue, which represents an increase of 22.3 percent over 2016. The Rogue also outpaced the Altima (total units sold for the sedan were 254,996), proving that people just aren’t interested in sedans anymore.

The Audi Q5, which retains its title as being the most-popular vehicle in Audi’s lineup, came in fourth place with a total of 57,640 units sold. A recent redesign helped the Q5 increase its popularity with sales increasing 16.3 percent from 2016.

As the report points out, there was some question about whether consumers would purchase a vehicle with an American badge that was built in China The answer, clearly, is yes. The Buick Envision, managed to come in fifth place with 41,040 units of the SUV being sold last year. The Envision was Buick’s third best-selling vehicle for 2017.

If you haven’t done so already, say goodbye to cars, hatchbacks, wagons, and anything else that isn’t a crossover, SUV, or pickup truck, because the wildfire has spread.




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