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Who Needs An 800HP Merc Estate? Nobody – And That’s Why We Like It
car news 15 August 2018
Most of G-Power’s tuning experience may come from creating other-worldly BMWs, but the tuner’s latest Mercedes-AMG E63 S shows that it is...
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Pogea Racing Creates Its Craziest Alfa Romeo 4C To Date
car news 08 August 2018
The Alfa Romeo 4C may not have been the runaway success FCA was hoping for but in recent times, the sports car has proved to be rather po...
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Wald International’s Maserati Ghibli Is A Black Bison With Stealthy Looks
car news 05 August 2018
Wald International’s creations might not be as extreme as Liberty Walk’s, but they’re not discrete either – at least most of them. So, th...
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310 PS Peugeot 308 GTi Breathes Down The Neck Of VW Golf R
car news 29 July 2018
With its 272PS (268hp / 200kW) offered in stock form, the Peugeot 308 GTi goes up against the Volkswagen Golf GTI and Hyundai i30 N. Afte...
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Misha Designs’ Ferrari 488 Gets Sassy With Tiffany Blue Wheels
car news 29 July 2018
If you already own a #Ferrari 488 and want to personalize it to suit your taste, you might want to consider investing in a custom body ki...
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Manhart’s MH5 Is A BMW M5 With 723PS And A Carbon Fiber Pack
car news 04 July 2018
The sixth-gen M5 is almost ready to celebrate its first anniversary, but tuners have already laid their hands on it. Manhart’s name ha...
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GTI Badge Wouldn’t Look Out Of Place On ABT’s 290PS VW Beetle
car news 05 May 2018
#Volkswagen isn’t offering a GTI version of the Beetle, but with a little help from a tuner like ABT the car can become a proper hot hatc...
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Novitec Takes The Lamborghini Aventador S To New Heights
car news 27 March 2018
With 730 horsepower corralled to unleash otherworldly performance, the Lamborghini Aventador S doesn’t need a lot of help. But for those ...
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Mercedes-AMG A45 Visits Posaidon, Comes Back With 550PS
car news 20 March 2018
The stock Mercedes-AMG A45 is already one of the most impressing hot hatchbacks in the world, although with Posaidon’s upgrades, it ca...
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Feel Free To Call This Rolls-Royce Wraith ‘Snow White’
car news 24 February 2018
Under BMW ownership, Rolls-Royce has come a very long way, and its lineup includes an entirely new Phantom along with the upcoming Cullin...
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Edo Competition Boosts The Mercedes-AMG GT R To 660 HP
car news 19 February 2018
Want to pick yourself up a new Mercedes-AMG GT? Nice choice, friend. Now all you have to do is choose which level of output you want. The...
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Ferrari 812 Superfast Gets A Modest Upgrade By Wheelsandmore
car news 11 February 2018
The Ferrari 812 Superfast is getting ready to blow one candle off its birthday cake, but in the meantime, Wheelsandmore has released vari...
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Bentley Bentayga Goes From Super To Hyper SUV With Startech’s Upgrades
car news 07 February 2018
For most owners of the Bentley Bentayga, having the car’s 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 engine develop 608PS (600hp) and 900Nm (664lb-ft) of t...
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Lister Thunder Is A 666 HP Jag That Can Be Yours For £139,950
car news 31 January 2018
The Lister Motor Company is only a month away from revealing its fastest and most powerful car ever in the £140,000 Jaguar F-Type-bas...
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Poop Emoji-Wrapped BMW 7-Series Is A Truly Sh#tty Car Mod
car news 28 January 2018
For whatever reason, the Smiling Poop emoji is one of the most popular available to smartphone users. For many, it has become an importa...
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East Coast Defender Works Its Magic With Heritage-Inspired Project Tuki
For Land Rover Defender owners looking for a radical variant of their heavy-duty off-roader, Florida-based East Coast Defender answers ...
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700+ HP Germans Go Wild At Unlim 500+ Event
car news 28 January 2018
There are three main protagonists in this “story”, and none of them rival each other in real world traffic. On the drag strip, however,...
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Check Out What Brabus Can Do For Your Mercedes C63S Coupe
car news 22 January 2018
While the AMG-tuned C63S Coupe is already a force to be reckoned with, Brabus can still extract more performance and visual aggressiveness...
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Murdered Out BMW M3 Joins The Dark Side, Looks Really Sinister
car news 21 January 2018
BMW’s M Division might already be developing the next-generation M3 , but after looking at this F80 model you’ll surely agree that the sport...
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