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Subaru Says Next WRX Will Look Like Viziv Concept

Subaru says that the next-generation WRX will bear a close resemblance to the Viziv Performance concept unveiled a couple of months ago.

Speaking with Autocar, Subaru design chief Mamoru Ishii said that the positive reception to the Viziv has encouraged the carmaker not to mess with the design significantly when the next WRX hits the road.

“Such a car brings lots of expectation, from within the company and from our customers. What we know is that our customers’ lifestyles are changing and we have to respond to that. The question was whether we have done that in a correct way with this concept.

“For instance, we know that autonomous and connective technology are coming, and for many customers that is great, but we don’t think that is what all of our customers want. For some, driving pleasure is still very important and that is what we are exploring,” Ishii said.

According to Ishii, customers can expect to see the next WRX adopting a similar body shape, bold arches, and bonnet scoop to the concept.

Subaru intends on launching the next-generation WRX in 2020 and will build the sedan around the Subaru Global Platform. Interestingly, Ishii revealed that the brand has some flexibility when it comes to what powertrain it will offer for the WRX, indicating that something other than a boxer engine is a real possibility.




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